Established in 2008, VellNiece Construction LLC is a growing General Contractor, located at 137 E Glenside Avenue, Glenside PA 19038. VellNiece Construction is designated as a SBE, MBE, WBE, and DBE. The company was founded by and is currently 100% member managed by Jeanette Tennant, a female African American and former native of the City of Philadelphia. Our services are well suited for small and larger sized projects throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. As a general contractor we coordinate the entire construction project using our highly skilled project management team, field staff, and subcontractors.

Setting the standard and raising the bar. We are ready to build your dream home. With every project we complete, we work toward setting a new standard of excellence.

We are a General Contractor that enhances the requirements of your job. We go above and beyond to do it better than anyone else. We define ourselves by our thorough preparation and strategic execution. Our projects are better planned and better organized. Things run smoothly and efficiently when we are on the jobsite. That is why deadlines are met, and rarely get callbacks.

Building Beyond Barriers

At VellNiece, we help you overcome barriers that limit the potential of your project. The harder the task, the smarter we work, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to ensure a successful outcome.!

We will earn your trust with our thorough and strategic planning and completion. We will minimize your stress with our creative problem solving. One thing that we promise is you will be completely satisfied with the overall experience of working with our team.. Once you have worked with us, you will understand why these are the pillars of our brand:

We never cut corners or lower our standards. Quite the opposite, most customers tell us our quality standards are higher than expected. The proof is in the results you see from our team. Those results are driven by key facts about our company and our background.

pillars of our brand

  • Uncompromising Integrity

  • Hard-Earned Reputation

  • Experienced Insight

  • Dedicated Professionalism

  • Collaborative Relationships